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What's New Pussycat?

Kevin Federline FBS fintech affiliate Screams Like A Hacker
October 11th, 2007 - 8:10 PM CDT

I've decided that when I just do affiliate program forex random updates, the subject should pertain to a combination of the added content. Recently added: two videos and a binary options best affiliate program pretty funny article.

So, there you go: Kevin Federline Screams Like A Hacker

Here It Is: Eye Candy 2!
September 23rd, 2007 - 2:26 PM CDT

It took a damn long time, but it's here ladies and gents: Eye Candy 2! As always I'm interested in what you guys think, so leave a message in the Guestbook or the Shoutbox.

Now that that project is finally out of the way, if anybody has anything they'd like to see me do next, send me an email with your suggestion!

EDIT: I've also added the music from Eye Candy 2 in mp3 format.

The Stone Is Thick With Moss, But Rolling Once More!
September 22nd, 2007 - 12:37 AM CDT

Those of you who have been diligently watching the Dynamic Update block on the bottom of every page will notice that I have been making progress on Eye Candy 2. It's about 85% done now, and barring any major complications it should be completed and up on the site within the next week!

The final Eye Candy 2 product is good, but the development time itself was pretty pathetic (I'm pretty sure it's been around 10 months now). This is what happens when you allow yourself to start Olymp Trade crypto affiliate other website projects and have other life obligations (yes, I leave the house sometimes).

That said, it should definitely be done within 7 days from now. Thanks for your patience, what is an introducing broker and keep checking back!

You're Just Lucky I'm Around To Reveal The Truth!
September 3rd, 2007 - 4:35 PM CDT

After writing off-and-on for a few months, I've finally completed Conspiracy Theories Volume Two, for the consumption of your currently-calm minds. After reading these not-yet-well-known conspiracies, you'll want to outfit your head with a series of side-view mirrors so that you can keep a constant watch behind you.

Read my newest theories over in the Text Section.

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